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Want To Be A Better Baseball Pitcher?

Learn how to throw a baseball with proven pitching techniques that are key to succeeding on the diamond.

The Dynamic Balance Drills

The Dynamic Balance Drills are your foundation in the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint. With these drills, you’ll develop the Balance and Stability you need for a Powerful Pitching Delivery.

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  • Baseball Pitching Drills

The Velocity Drills

The Velocity Drills are the more advanced component to the Ballistic Pitching Blueprint. These drills are all about developing the right motor coordination for a powerful pitching delivery.

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  • Baseball Throwing Drills
  • Strength Training for Baseball Pitchers

Ballistic pitching?

The truth is, most pitching drills just turn you into stiff, mechanical throwers… They teach you to get good at positions rather than developing the right movements needed for a powerful pitching delivery.

Helping serious pitchers become better.

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